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SMT Trolley

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  • SMT Trolley

SMT Splicing Cart Trolley

SMT Splicing Cart Trolley is an innovation of SMT Splicing technology. It enables non-stop feeding of SMD carrier tapes. The splicing cart is made of abrasion resistant hard steel. The frame-type brass splice shims can pierce through any SMT carrier tape. The frame-type design can save operator’s time to fetch splice clips every time, which results in simpler and more efficient splicing.

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Product Description

Product Features:

  • Adjustable height design 35.5”~40.5”
  • With ESD safe universal wheels to ensure convenient movement
  • Carrier tape holder with ESD safe performance
  • Splicing tool can rotate all directions
  • Convenient work surface with splice tool holders and repair area
  • Stapler splicing tool easily loads and unloads frame clips
  • Preparation material
  • Splice carrier tapes between 8~72mm
  • Use pitch cutter to ensure consistency between new and old carrier tapes while splicing
  • Use splicing clip to increase strength of splicing joint and avoid break at splicing joint. The operator can feed one clip frame into splicing tool, which can work automatically instead of taking one single clip for every individual splicing to save work time.
  • Width base is square 12.8”
  • Weight is 28.6 lbs.
Weight 28.6 lbs
Dimensions 12.8 x 35.5-41.5 in