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Axial Taping

We offer Axial tape and reel services. We have the ability and equipment to tape a vast range of leads spacing for all your components. We feature high speed automated machines that are able to produce LARGE production quantities; there is never a delay in your parts.

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  • Axial Lead Taping pitches ranging from .200, .400, .600, and .800
  • Tape Spacing available from 26mm up.
  • Lead Forming
  • Lead Straightening
  • Lead Trimming
  • Zero Lead Protrusions
  • Ammo Packing

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  • Mid America has extensive tooling for a vast array of forming needs.
  • Mid America is a true expert at converting through-hole.
  • We have machines and tooling from virtually all of the leading manufacturers in this category.

Our Final Inspection

Every part inspected as part of our three stage inspection process to ensure product quality in exceeding EIA Standards. All components are taped to the EIA Standard RS-296-E unless otherwise specified.


Normal turn around time is 3 working days. When needed, we will provide same day services without any additional charge.

What is Axial Taping?

Axial taping is a process used in the manufacturing of electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors. The process involves wrapping a conductive material, typically a metal wire or foil, around a cylindrical or rectangular core made of a non-conductive material such as ceramic, plastic, or paper. The conductive material is wrapped parallel to the long axis of the core, hence the name “axial taping.”

Why use Axial Taping?

The purpose of axial taping is to create a compact and precise component that can be easily mounted onto a printed circuit board. Axial taping allows for a high level of customization and consistency in the components, as the conductive material can be precisely wrapped to achieve the desired resistance, capacitance, or inductance value. Additionally, the taping process can improve the mechanical stability of the component, reducing the risk of damage during handling and assembly.

How is Axial Taping done?

Axial taping can be done manually or with automated equipment, depending on the volume and complexity of the components being produced. The process typically involves feeding the core material into the taping machine, wrapping the conductive material around the core, and then cutting and forming the leads of the component. The final step is usually the application of a protective coating to the component to improve its durability and protect it from environmental factors.


Axial taping is an important process in the manufacturing of electronic components and is commonly used in a variety of industries, including automotive, telecommunications, and aerospace.



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