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Vacuum Sealers

About AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealers

For over 20 years, Mid America has been distributing American made, AmeriVacS vacuum sealing machines, with hundreds of satisfied customers. AmeriVacS has become the premium industrial vacuum sealing machine manufacturer, with thousands of installations, offering a complete selection of vacuum sealing machine options. AmeriVacS has such a strong reputation for excellent performance that they are able to offer a 1 week trial period, as well as an industry leading 2-year warranty. Our AmeriVacS vacuum sealers are now up to 75% faster than previously possible and they are manufactured with only the finest quality components in a new state of the art manufacturing facility. Please don’t let the wide variety of options confuse you, call 888-629-6646 for a consultation with a customer service person. We can help you pick out the best solution for your vacuum sealing application today!

  • AmeriVacS CAVN-20 Self Contained Vacuum Sealer W/Gas Purge

  • AmeriVacS Work Shelf TRAY

  • AmeriVacS AVP-20 Impulse Sealer

  • AmeriVacS AVS-20 Vacuum Sealer

  • AmeriVacS AVN-20 Vacuum Sealer

  • AmeriVacS AVN-25 Vacuum Sealer

  • AmeriVacS AVN-30 Vacuum Sealer

  • AmeriVacS CAVN-30 Self Contained Vacuum Sealer W/Gas Purge

  • AmeriVacS CAVS-30 Self Contained Vacuum Sealer

  • AmeriVacS CAVS-20 Self Contained Vacuum Sealer

  • AmeriVacS AVN-35 Vacuum Sealer

  • AmeriVacS AVCG-20 Chamber Vacuum Sealer W/Gas Flush


  • AmeriVacS AVP-20 Impulse Sealer

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    AmeriVacS Multi Position STAND

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  • Vacuum Sealer 220 Volt A.C. 50-60 Hz conversion