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Surface Mount Taping

Mid America was a pioneer in the Surface Mount Tape and Reel service from its inception, with over 25 years of SMD taping experience. Tape and Reel is what we do, it is not a sideline, it is our core business. Mid America has a capacity of over 1 million parts per day, on a variety of equipment from all the leading manufacturers, both manual and totally automated, from 8 mm all the way to 120 mm widths.

Multiple vision systems are used to verify part coplanarity and proper part placement. Every pocket, of every reel, is inspected for 13 quality criteria.

It doesn’t matter if you have 100 parts, or a million, our ISO 9001-2015 procedures are followed, to give you the finest quality service available.

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Most of the Mid-America Taping and Reeling Technicians have in excess of a decade of service, providing unmatched experience in the industry. Our Tape and Reel production is performed in our own building, actually designed for this process, with ESD concerns addressed at the forefront.

Our vast variety of equipment, lends itself to the full spectrum of SMD device taping, from .0402 to a 120mm component. High volume requirements are processed on high speed automated equipment with vision inspection. Gullwing devices are processed on our totally automated true 3-D Coplanarity inspection equipment.

Mid America has been ISO 9001 certified since the inception of the standard, at the turn of the Millennium. Our Quality processes, procedures, and control of customer-owned product are the very strength of our company. Each set-up is verified to comply with the appropriate EIA standard, with test results documented and archived.

Tape & Reel benefits

  • Taping capability for all sizes ranging from 8 to 120mm.
  • Full selection of reel sizes includes 7, 13, 15 and 22-inch reels.
  • ESD procedures adhered to on all components, ESD sensitive or not.
  • Facility designed and built for the tape and reel process with conductive floors throughout the production environment.
  • Possibly the largest inventory of SMD taping materials in the world

Call Mid America at 1-888-629-6646 or fill out the form below to place an order or for more information.

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