AmeriVacS AVCG-20 Chamber Vacuum Sealer W/Gas Flush


Package your sensitive electronic devices to perfection in AmeriVacS’ Clean Room compatible Reel and Tray Chamber Vacuum Sealer – the AVC-20. Throughout their journey, your valuable products will be assured of arriving in a safe, dry, and contaminant free environment. The AVC-20 will quickly and efficiently vacuum seal your products at touch of a button. By eliminating excess air, you will reduce space for more economical shipping costs, hold contents in place to prevent damage, and avoid any static generation. The AmeriVacS AVC-20 is ideal for trays, tape and reels, and many popular styles of shipping tubes. It produces celan, neat and highly reliable seals for perfect SMD vacuum packaging every time. Traditional “snorkel” vacuum sealers cause the mositure barrier bag to wrinkel, fold, and distort under vacuum pressure before sealing, possibly leaving small holes though which air can slowly pass and ruin the integrity of the vacuum seal. The AVC-20 eliminates this problem by creating the seal before the bag distorts. The AVC-20 achieves consistent vacuum pressure by allowing you te preset the level you require. The large 22″ x 22″ Vacuum Chamber will accommodate large products and with the optional seal bars installed inside, you can vacuum seal multiple packages at the same time. The AmeriVacS AVC-20 uses a Compressed Air-Driven Vacuum Pump so you do not have to worry about noise, vibration or heat generation. As opposed to other electromechanically driven vacuum sealers, our design prevents particle generation, oil contamination, and costly maintenance shut downs. Spare replacement parts and all connections and tubing are included for a quick and easy setup.

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AmeriVacS AVCG-20 Chamber Vacuum Sealer W/Gas Flush

* Clean Room compatible
* Stainless Steel chamber
* Heat and Cool Timers
* Emergency Shut Off Switch
* Adjustable vacuum settings
* Vacuum Gauge
* Automatic, see through lid
* Quick end of cycle vacuum elimination
* Works with all popular moisture barrier bag materials
* Spare parts, fittings and air tubing included
* 2 year limited warranty

* Gas Back flush
* Additional Seal Bars

Note : Actual price is $5,779.50, a $60.00 handling charge is applied for each machine purchased.

* Chamber Size*: 22″ x 22″ x 4″
* Seal size: 20″ x 1/4″
* Vacuum flow: 18 CFM
* Max. vacuum pressure: 27 inHG
* Air requirements: 18 CFM @85PSI
* Power requirements: 120 Volts AC, 10 Amps during seal cycle.
* Unit size (in): 28L x 24W x 9.5H
* Approximate weight: 120 lbs.

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Weight 120 lbs