• AmeriVacS AVP-20 Impulse Sealer
    $2,010.00 $964.00

    AmeriVacS AVP-20 Impulse Sealer

    This model features an exclusive integral workspace, free of any controls so you may use it as a work surface to hold your product and easily seal your package.Or if your product is large, you can rotate the machine and feed your bag from the other side.It’s strong 1/4″ wide heating element will easily leak-proof seal any kind of heat sealable bag. As with all AmeriVacS Sealers, state of the art safety features that eliminate any possible harm to the user.This model is compact enough to place virtually anywhere in your plant and lightweight enough to move around between production lines.Setting up is quick and easy using only compressed air and a standard electrical outlet.

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    $987.25 $814.00

    AmeriVacS Multi Position STAND

    Made of Anodized Aluminum, the custom designed stand fits the AVS, AVN and AVP models. The stand allows the user to quickly adjust work height, while positioning the sealer at an angle that is ergonomically favorable, thus helping to increase worker productivity.