6″ x 10″ Dri-Shield Bags D2000

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Dri-Shield Bags D2000
6″ X 10″
100 Bags per Box

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6″ x 10″ Dri-Shield Bags D2000

SCC 2000 is the most cost-effective product for the protection of moisture and ESD sensitive components. SCC 2000 replaces costly nylon/foil laminates with a 3.6 mil multi-layer composition. Featuring a low MVTR, it is also available to meet Mil-B-81705C Ty. I CL. I. Utilizing multiple layers of aluminized polyester, SCC 2000 achieves the task of being a highly effective but economical solution to static free moisture barrier packaging Meets the MVTR, EMI/RFI/Static shielding requirements of Mil-B-81705L, Ty. I and EIA 583. SCC 2000 provides full protection from static fields and tribocharging. Features: * Good Moisture Barrier * Light weight and puncture resistance: Easily conforms to the shape of products during vacuum packaging * For packaging of SMD’s in trays, tape and reel, chip rails, and disk caddies. * Static dissipative inner layer and outer surfaces. * Available in class 100 clean. * Meets the electrical and physical requirements of Mil-B-81705C Ty. I and EIA 514 and EIA 583. * Date and lot coded for traceablitiy. * Contains no amines or amides and is N-Octanoic acid free. * Custom 6-color printing and hot stamping are available.

Electrical Properties:
EMI Shielding: (MIL-B-81705-Rev-C) > 40 db Between 1 & 10 GHz
Resistivity-Conductive Metal Layer (ASTM D-257): < 2 Ohms/sq. in. avg.
Surface Resistivity (both surfaces) (ASTM D-257 @ 12% RH): < 1012 Ohms. sq. in.
Static Decay (FTMS 101C, Method 4046.1 5000 to 0 Volts): < 0.05 Seconds
Capacitive Probe Test (High Voltage Discharge)-(EIA-std 541/Appendix E-1 KV): < 8 Volts
Charge Generation-nominal (Modified incline plane Avg. nC/sq. in.):
Physical Properties:
Yield: 7100 sq. in./lb.
Total Thickness 3.6 mils (92 microns)
Light Transmission (ASTM D-1003-77): < .01%
Tensile Strength (ASTM D882-83 Method A) MD: 9000 psi
TD: 10,500 psi
Burst Strength (FTMS 191-C Method 5122) 84 psi
Puncture Strength (FTMS 101-C Method 2065.1) > 20 lbs
Elongation (ASTM D822-83 Method A) MD: 98%
TD: 80%
Heat Seal Strength (ASTM D-1876-72 Impulse Sealer): > 11 lbs./in width
Seam Strength before & after aging: 160 F = NO SEPARATION
Room Temperature = NO SEPARATION
MVTR (ASTM F-1249 @ 100°F 100 sq. in./24 hrs) < .02 gms, .01 gms nominal
Water Resistance (FTMS 101-C, Method 3028, Procedure F): No Delamination
Delamination (FTMS 101-C, Method 3015): No leakage, swelling, embrittlement
Resistance to aging: No Delamination
Contact Corrositivity:
Low Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Ag plated copper foil, Sn-Pb coated copper foil, No Evidence of Corrosion or Etching of Metal

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